Instax Options

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Creative control has come to Instax instant films.

Have you wanted more control over your Instax photos? Want to get multiple exposures on the same shot? Tried to get sweet bokeh portraits without success? Ever needed to turn off the flash or use your own flash setup? Wanted to focus on a specific subject and not a whole zone? With these cameras you now have the ultimate control over all your Instax photos! From external flash sync ports to rangefinders and manual focusing these cameras have your needs in mind.

Utilizing large format lenses and shutters you are able to set aperture and speed to your liking, even use bulb mode for extended exposures and light painting. Shutters have a standard PC flash sync port for any external flash and cable release ports. All models have a tripod socket for those slower shutter speeds or long exposures. With so many light meter smartphone apps it is easy to get your perfectly exposed shot no matter where you are.

Focusing is achieved using distance marks on the lens barrel. Many models include a rangefinder for accurately measuring the distance to subject. You may guess the distance as well, especially if shooting at f11 or higher.

These prices are for completed cameras and includes ONE pack of film.

If you have your own Instax camera you wish to have converted, see this page for more info.

$300 (customer must supply 90-105mm lens and shutter)
Instax Wide Option


  • Model 300 body (4xAA batteries not included)
  • Large format manual shutter; cable release port, PC port for flash sync
    features depends on customer submitted shutter
  • Cold shoe handle bracket (optional cable release)
  • Focusing rangefinder
    no guessing distance for this machine!
  • Original Fuji Instax neck/shoulder strap

Instax Mini Option


  • Mini 70 Body or Mini 50s Body (2xCR2 batteries included)
  • Tominon 75mm f4.5 fast lens
    other lenses 65-105mm are available as upgrades
  • Copal Press large format shutter; cable release port, PC port for flash sync
  • Cold shoe handle bracket

Focusing rangefinder – $45