95B Packfilm Conversion: Reset Infinity

Because we have moved the film plane by the addition of the pack film back the position where the camera focuses at infinity must be reset.

All of these roll film cameras have a stop which the lensboard locks into when opening the camera.

Some have the ability to be adjusted back and forth. I found a few 95A models do have adjustable stops, but apparently not this one I’m using.

remove stop rivets

remove stop rivets

This stop is riveted in place. So to make any adjustments, remove these rivets.

Either grind from the top or unscrew the focus rails, lift it up, and drill from the bottom.

cut stop to allow movement

cut stop to allow movement

If you try to move the stop back, it gets caught on the 2 large screws that hold the focus rails down.

You will need to remove the sides to allow movement back.

There is another way to do this without cutting the stop.If you have access to another roll film model which does have an adjustable stop, you can harvest one.

I took one from a model 150.

Lock the lensboard into the stop, either a cut one or an adjustable one. It should now freely move back and forth inside the rails.

41 - ggGrab yourself a tripod and some ground glass within an empty film pack. If you don’t have any ground glass a piece of tracing paper taped inside will work just fine, just make sure its flat and not wavy.

Set the camera up in a place where its darker than the thing you are focusing on.

Out a window works well. Find something at least 75ft away. Make sure the lensboard is locked into the stop and that you can move the stop easily back and forth.

Also, make sure the focus is set all the way back to infinity.

use ground glass to check for infinity focus

use ground glass to check for infinity focus

Using your ground glass, move the lensboard (locked into the stop) back forth until you get sharp focus.

Mark this on the focus rails so that you can secure the stop into this position.

drill holes for stop screws

drill holes for stop screws

Because it was slightly larger than the original, the adjustable stop’s placement seems to coincide with infinity focus quite well.

Drill two holes here for the screws.

locked into place

locked into place

If you are using the original stop, create a way to keep it parallel with the end of the focus rail while you drill the two holes.

Screw down the stop firmly.

Infinity has been reset!