250 Auto to Manual 105mm: Release

pistol grip cable release

pistol grip cable release

This shutter has no shutter arm, only a cable release socket.

Being on the bottom of the shutter means the release needs to come from underneath.

There are A LOT of random handle releases which attach to any tripod socket.

This is just one I had lying around.

red area: cut off

red area: cut off

To get it to fit, I need to grind down one of the stabilizing pins, and drill a hole in the camera for the other.

5-tripodholeTo make sure I drill in the proper place, I used a drop of nail polish on the pin, screwed in the tripod socket and when I was happy with its orientation, touched the polish to the camera, leaving a nice dot.

Drill slowly and with gradually increasing sizes until the hole is the right size.

With the cable release done, the infinity focus can now be fixed.