The Land List: an update

The actual original Land List (site is now dead?!), from which this part of the site was created, is still around and I am not affiliated with it or the creator. So far this is an "un-authorized update" to The Land List.

I am working with the original owner (MK) on collaborating or if need be, removing this from existence entirely should he feel that way. This was a learning experience both with the Polaroid information itself and the web code behind the scenes. So whether this part of the whole site remains online is still up in the air, but I am fine with any outcome.

While the rock of information for everything Polaroid, the design, layout and overall interactive nature of the original Land List was lacking. I have attempted to introduce a little bit of design and more cohesive navigational structure to the entire site. All of the original information has been retained and updated where need be. As well, the notes sections have been updated/removed to reflect a more consistent nature of the current state of Instant Photography itself and not a Polaroid-centered one...since Polaroid the company is dead for all intents and purposes.

In order to not be a complete rip-off, I did not keep any original Land List images. So you will probably see many places in need of new ones; your help is appreciated! And if you happen to see your photo in use without permission and would like it removed, just ask.

This is just a preliminary update to this "Option-al Land List", so there are some things which are not missing, but not completely fleshed out yet. I'm working on it!


If you have a camera/item, or know of one, that is not included on this site, please let me know so I may add it where it belongs!

In addition to this Option-al Land List is the FAQ which incorporates all the technical info here. Where appropriate they link back to one another and eventually will probably merge into one large instant film FAQ. For now, they are separate but linked from the leftside menus.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or something to contribute: contact me.

I truly hope my site helps you and furthers your own creativity.

There is only one way

to keep instant films alive...

Use them.