600/779 Cameras

The following technical information is useful for specifics concerning each model.

Please see this chart to give you a comparison between the major "options" and abilities of each 600/779 model.

If you see this icon, the model was intended for "Special Markets" distribution (i.e. corporate premiums, prizes, and other non-retail distribution) only.

If you see this icon, the model was sold in International (non-USA) markets only.

These cameras went through several "generations" of body style and are labeled when appropriate:

Eventually these labels will go to informational pages about each generation, for now they are just icons.

All of these models can take the 600 integral type films.

Choose a model to see more information about it.

600/779 Integral

640 (Sun 640)

Job Pro 2

Quick 610

650 (Sun 650)


Spice Cam

660 (Sun 660)

One600 Job Pro


Amigo 610

One600 Pro

Spirit 600

Amigo 620

One600 Ultra

Spirit 600 CL

Barbie® Instant Camera

OneStep 600

Supercolor 635

Business Edition 600

OneStep 600 Express

Supercolor 635 CL

Business Edition 600 2

OneStep 600 Flash

Supercolor 645 CL

Cool Cam

OneStep 600 Flash Closeup

Supercolor 670 AF


600 LMS

Taz Instant Camera

Impulse AF

OneStep AF

The Construction Camera

Impulse QPS

OneStep Talking Camera


Job Pro

Pronto 600


"Professional" SLR Models


SLR 680

SLR 690