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logoFormerly know as “Conversion & Mods”

Below you will find the first conversions that I documented years ago. Obviously I am not going to give away all my secrets that go into my own conversions, but I hope the following information helps you in your own projects.

Nothing here should be taken as the exact way to do anything.

Always use your own best judgement when working on a camera.

I learned a lot from my mistakes. So the things you see here should at least have you making less mistakes than I did when I first started out.

Refurbish & Battery Mods for Automatic Packfilm Cameras


Can’t find original batteries?
Modify your automatic packfilm camera to accept AAA or CR123, 2/3A batteries instead and clean the camera while you’re at it

Rollfilm Model Conversions

The first instant print cameras ever created used Polaroid roll film. This kind of film has been out of production for a few decades now. To bring new life to these awesome cameras, a conversion to readily available pack film can be attempted.

Model 150 – alpha
150afirst attempt; real hack-job, only photos NO conversion guide.
Model 110A – the “real deal”
hot-shoe conversion
Model 95B – retro style
packfilm conversion of the world’s first instant camera
Model 110A/B – “hybrid”
convert 3 cameras into a 110B
packfilm, range finder, hot-shoe

Packfilm Model Conversions

While it is fun to convert the rollfilm models to accept packfilm, sometimes you just want a camera that uses packfilm right out of the box.

I have converted a couple to complete manual controls by exchanging the auto circuitry for a medium format lens and shutter.

The DIY Manual Option
Turn an automatic camera into a fully manual camera with my custom printed circuit board.
(requires basic electronic engineering skills)
menu_01.1Automatic 250 – abandoned
changing auto to manual; 105mm lens and shutter; proof of concept
Automatic 250 – lens & shutter
changing auto to manual; 127mm lens and shutter
Automatic 450 – lens & shutter
changing auto to manual; 127mm lens and shutter; electronic timer