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Model 20 "Swinger"

Swinger II

Model M15 "Swinger Sentinel"

Rollfilm Cameras

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All of these models can take 20 series films.

Please see this chart to give you a visual comparison between the major "options" and abilities of each rollfilm model.

Production Estimates provided are based on statistical observation (from accumulated reports of serial numbers recorded from actual cameras), and are not intended or expected to have perfect accuracy. Numbers in parentheses indicate "soft" limits, numbers not in parentheses indicate "hard" limits.

Example: Estimated Production: 800,000 - (900,000)

This means that there almost certainly has to have been at least 800,000 of that model made, but there probably were fewer than 900,000 made (but beware that there still could be more). Keep in mind that numbers are subject to change as new data is collected.

20-series models

Model 20 "Swinger"

Produced: 1965-1970 / Original Retail: $19.95
Estimated Production: A Whole Bunch (Pattern Not Completely Determined)

  • Lens: Meniscus (single element, plastic)
  • Shutter: Single speed rotary, everset, 1/200 second
  • Flash: built-in flashgun for AG-1 bulbs
  • Exposure setting assisted via built-in photometer
  • Fixed focus
  • Rigid white plastic body

Notes: Earlier production models have both "YES" and "NO" indications in the finder. Later ones have a plain checkerboard 'reference' screen on the photometer, thus indicating proper exposure with only the "YES" message. Also, some Swingers have a white back latch, while others have a black latch. Not sure if there is any correspondence between these two distinctions, but it appears that the white latch is usually an indication that the camera has the YES-only photometer. Incidently, the Swinger (and its later relatives in the Polaroid family, such as the Big Swinger and the Zip) is one of the very few mass-market cameras ever produced by anyone which has this type of exposure metering aid. At some point, I might put together a brief article about how the Swinger photometer works, as it's actually rather clever in its own little way.

Most Swingers were made in the U.K. by (apparently) General Time (i.e. Timex) for Polaroid Corporation, but earlier ones (and in particular some (most?) "YES/NO" models) were made in the USA. [Note: Does anyone know for sure about General Time being the manufaturer of this and other "Made in U.K." Polaroid cameras..? If so, was this under contract, or did Polaroid eventually buy the plant from General Time?]

Collector's Note: Probably the most common/plentiful camera of any kind ever made (and therefore basically worthless in today's market). Literally millions were sold. This camera was very inexpensive compared with all other previous Polaroid cameras, and introduced a lot of young people to instant photography. [...and the heavy advertising towards the youth market didn't hurt either.]


Model M15 "Swinger Sentinel"

Produced: 19??-19?? / Original Retail: $18.45
Estimated Production: Pattern Not Completely Determined

Similar to the Model 20, except:

  • Flash: pin jacks for optional detachable flashgun for AG-1 bulbs
  • Plastic body is grey in color
  • As far as I know, all M15's have the "YES"-only photometer and are made in the UK.

Collector's Note: While the Model 20 is extremely common, the M15 variant is somewhat uncommon, especially when found with the optional flashgun.


Swinger II

Produced: 19??-19?? / International Markets
Estimated Production: No Data

International-markets version of Swinger Sentinel M15 (USA model).
Retail price in 1972 in the UK was £5.95.