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600/779 Cameras

The following technical information is useful for specifics concerning each model. Where appropriate you can click to see more information including photos.

All of these models can take the 600/779 integral type films.

Please see this chart to give you a visual comparison between the major "options" and abilities of each 600 model.

If you see this icon, the model was intended for "Special Markets" distribution (i.e. corporate premiums, prizes, and other non-retail distribution) only.

If you see this icon, the model was sold in International (non-USA) markets only.


SLR 680

Produced: 1982-19?? / Original Retail: $265.00

Similar to TimeZero SX-70 AF, except:

  • Uses 600 film.
  • Has built-in automatic electronic flash.
  • Flash reflector automatically tilts depending on focus distance.

Note: The later production models of this camera, when it was only sold as the SLR 680 SE (Special Edition), have slightly different trim than the earlier ones.

SLR 690

Produced: 1996- late '00s / Original Retail: $399.00

Similar to SLR 680, except:

  • Minor styling differences. Film-slot 'shade' is plastic rather than metal.
  • Analog metering/timing circuitry has been replaced by a 4-bit microcontroller.

Notes: This model was originally intended as a limited-production item, but evidently turned out to be more popular than anticipated - as of 1998, it appeared that it was considered part of the regular Polaroid camera line (and had a much reduced retail price, at least in the USA). Also, the actual model designation of this camera may be simply "690" rather than "SLR 690".

While this camera was still in production as of 2002, it was only available in Japan. It was discontinued from the USA and other markets in the year 2000 or so.

Collector's Note: There was also an extrememly limited edition version of this camera issued in 1998 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Polaroid instant photographic products. This limited edition camera came with a wood display case (?) and was apparently only distributed in Europe.