The Steps

parts & labor
what's needed to get the job done

the back
trim the opening

the body
gut the insides

lens assemblies
remove and retrofit

set infinity
focus correct

fix the leaks
seal the lens

center the lens
get a full frame

photos and tips

Modding a Holgaroid to Full Frame

A customer once came to me and said "I like the Holgaroid but the off-center square image bothers me." So while some people may like this charming aspect of the Holgaroid, others would like something better.

I was given this blog post as proof of concept and went to work on my own design.

The Holga camera takes 120 rollfilm and has an aftermarket back which takes 100 series peel-apart films. When the 80-series square films were still available the word "full frame Holga" actually made sense, because the square format camera fit the square film. But with only 100 series films available now, Holgaroid users have been forced to endure off-center shots with a splash of black on the side.

Holgas are cheap cameras.

Holgaroids are not.

Why not get the most out of your camera and your film!?

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