250 Auto to Manual 105mm: Parts & Labor

PG_pkg_250This conversion deals directly with the Automatic 250. It, along with a few other models, is made mostly of metal. Which really gives it a solid construction allover. Some people choose to just take off the Zeiss finder and put it onto a plastic body model, saving on weight.

Not me.

Other than the 250 itself, you’ll definitely be needing a lens. The focal length of the 250 is 114mm, and it is very difficult to find a 114mm lens/shutter. The easiest length to use, I’ve found, is a 127mm. It requires the least amount of destruction and tweaking to the camera body.

Tominon 105mm; Copal shutter; x-sync

Tominon 105mm; Copal shutter; x-sync

Medium and large format lenses, with shutters like Prontor, Copal or Compur will be the kind of lens to look for. Preferably with x – sync and cable release sockets. Some people choose to use the lens from a 110A/B or press cameras like Speed Graphics. Preferably yours will have a retaining ring.

I had some Tominon 105mm in Copal shutters lying around, which not only match the 250’s color scheme, but already have the Polaroid branding! As an extra bonus, this shutter is self-cocking.

For tools, besides your own self, you’ll be needing small screw drivers, pliers and a rotary tool like a Dremel with grinding bits and cut off wheels. Measuring calipers may be handy but are not necessary.