95B Packfilm Conversion: Parts & Labor

There are 4 models that all share the 95’s styling:

Model 95

Model 95A

Model 95B

Model 700 (unusable because its RF interferes)

Any one of these will work just the same for this conversion.

However, only the 95B has EV settings which can be found on most exposure meters.

The other models use a “Light Value” system, exactly like EV, but the numbers are -9. So LV1 = EV10.

an ID camera with CB-103 back

an ID camera with CB-103 back

Depending on how you want to approach this project, you can choose to use a donor pack film camera and hack its back off.

Or, as I did, get yourself an actual OEM pack film back.

Some things will differ from my conversion if not using an OEM back.

An OEM back will save alot of time and effort on your part, and it also makes the finished camera cleaner looking.

If you can, find a silver colored one to accent the camera.

For tools, a set of small screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, hacksaw, double-sided tape, small files and a rotary tool (Dremel) with some cut-off wheels and grinding bits.

Screwdrivers will, of course, be needed.

Mostly you will need smaller screwdrivers than you may own.

Electronic and computer repair types are best.

Interestingly, you will find both flat and Philips head screws on your Polaroids.

The flat screwdrivers also come in handy for some prying.