The Manual Option

Mastering the Land Camera Manually.

Sometimes you just want more control over your shots than your Automatic Land Camera can provide. The aperture priority nature of the camera doesn’t give you much control when trying to do multiple exposures or shooting odd lighting situations. The only option is to find yourself a manual camera model like the 180 or 195. Which will not only be expensive, but so will keeping the shutter running properly with CLAs and repairs.

There has to be another option.

Now there is a Manual Option!

Either send your camera to me for modification or you may purchase an already complete and refurbished model.

Available for all the Automatic Models 100 to 450 and every one in-between. The camera is given a whole new life as an electronically controlled manual camera. A rotating knob replaces the electric eye with 10 shutter speeds including BULB. An LED lights up to tell you the shutter is ready to fire and turns off when the exposure is complete.

When using BULB mode, press the button once to open, press it again to close. No need to hold down the red shutter button anymore! Making long exposures much easier.

All Manual Options have up to SIX aperture settings.

Under or over exposed images or black photos? No problem!

If you would like to try different colors for the front and top plates, let me know!

Send me your camera to convert – $150

Costs do not include return shipping


  • Your Polaroid camera electronically converted to manual shutter controls!
    Unlike the mechanical models like 180/195, your camera will never need calibration.
    Runs on 3xAAA batteries.
  • Rangefinder opened and cleaned.
  • New custom front and top plates.
  • New foam light seals.
  • General cleaning of body.
  • X-sync modification of PC socket for electronic flashes.
  • PDF of user’s manual

or purchase one of the COMPLETED TOP OF THE LINE MODELS!



Zeiss RF



2-Window RF

All cameras are modified metal body models. Every camera comes with a new user’s manual specifically created for this very camera!

  • 10 shutter speed settings (can be customized for any needs up to 1/1000)
  • 6 STANDARD aperture settings
    f/8.8 , 11 , 16 , 22 , 32 , 45
  • Parallax corrected; double image rangefinder
  • Glass Lens
  • Tripod socket
  • New custom front and top plates.
  • X-sync modification of PC socket for electronic flashes.
  • New foam light seals
  • PDF version of user’s manual

Limited Special Editions

Includes everything above but with the addition of a holding case and your choice of various accessories.

Contact me for more details about what is available and for pricing.

  • Special Edition Gold lettering front and top plates.
  • Zeiss viewfinder.
  • PRINTED version of user’s manual
  • Available accessories:
    Electronic Flashes & shoes
    Closeup & Portrait lens kits
    UV filter
    Cloud filterSelf timer