OneStep Fisheye

Examples taken with the Fisheye lens
using 600 and Impossible 600 films.

Retro styled vision with an eye on speed.

All of these original rigid-body cameras were designed to be used with the slower 100 ISO speed SX70 films. This results in the shutter having to be slower in many situations and hand shake blur can ruin your instant photos. So every Fisheye 600 Camera has been, like the name says, modified to use the much faster 600 films. Now you can shoot shutter speeds 4x faster than before giving you much more room for exposure possibilities without any blur.

Designed by The Instant Camera Guy of Australia, and made in the US by myself, these are built to last for as long as instant film does. The Fisheye lens adapter allows you to really get creative with your photography. No longer are you limited by the confines of a square image that only captures a small part of the scene. You are now able to shoot sharp and wide scenes as close as 15 inches with sharp focus to infinity.
These lenses are brand new, bright and as sharp as you’re gonna get when we leave the original Polaroid lens intact.


Just remove the Fisheye Lens from the front and shoot through the standard viewfinder for normal, full frame instant photos. If you want to get really creative you can try some threaded filters over the original lens as well . However, because the filter is not over the exposure meter of the camera some filters may require you to adjust the lighten/darken dial to compensate a few extra stops.


All cameras include the following:

  • SX-70 rigid body instant camera modified for faster 600 films
  • Shutter, lens, mirror and electronics are cleaned and tested
  • Fisheye lens adapter with front/rear caps & storage pouch
  • Fisheye Viewfinder for accurate framing
  • Nylon carrying strap

More photos of what models are available coming soon.

Standard One Colors – $295


  • Originally “The Button”
  • Standard front body color is soft chrome as shown.
    Customer may choose to leave original (The Button typically) or choose another color, within reason.
 thebutton3 thebutton2  thebutton1  thebutton4

Original White Rainbow – $315


  • A true original
  • Retro rainbow on white body
whiterainbow1 whiterainbow3 whiterainbow2 whiterainbow4

Black Rainbow – $325


  • The darkside
  • Matte black with rainbow stripe
blackrainbow1 blackrainbow4 blackrainbow3 blackrainbow2