FAQS: Cameras – Integral

These are not all of the integral camera models available, but are ones which are examples of each format’s styling of the bodies.

The information compiled can be found at the Optional Land List.

Integral cameras come in three distinct types:


OneStep rigid body


Folding SLR



Impulse rigid


OneStep folding



Standard model


Pop up folding


Every camera here is powered by batteries that are inside each film pack. When you insert a new pack, you’ve also inserted a new battery. If you think your camera is broken, try a new battery first by acquiring new film.

SX-70 (folding)

All are SLR and can focus to 10.4 inches without any closeup lens accessory needed.
For a list of accessories for these cameras: Hacker’s Guide to SX-70
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[simple_tooltip content=’All of the cameras have a body color and a covering color.

The body is either chrome plated plastic or colored plastic. The metal appearance is plated plastic. No SX70 is made of solid metal no matter what anyone says.

Covering differs in colors and materials. Leather can take more abuse than the vinyl.

Some coverings are even textured differently but most are smooth.’]Coloring[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’The earliest models use only ground glass, which makes perfect manual focusing…imperfect.

Eventually a split-image and fresnel lens was added to make a true SLR.

When autofocus was added, Polaroid returned to the ground glass only.

In low light, manual focus is difficult no matter what style finder you have.’]Finder[/simple_tooltip]

[simple_tooltip content=’Most all original SX70 cameras lack a tripod socket.

With a tripod socket always comes strap loops, making carrying easier and safer.’]Tripod & Strap[/simple_tooltip]


[simple_tooltip content=’sx70.sx70‘]Original[/simple_tooltip] chrome & leather ground glass or split-image no try to find one with the split image focus; metal is actually just thin coating of chrome over plastic
Model 2 cream plastic & brown vinyl split-image yes unique color scheme but the maroon covering flakes and peels easily; sometimes comes with tripod socket
Model 3 black plastic & brown vinyl viewfinder ONLY no NOT an SLR; only has a viewfinder for framing and distance markings for focus; cute but silly
Alpha chrome/plastic & leather/vinyl split-image yes best manual focus models; come in a variety of color schemes and model names
[simple_tooltip content=’sonar1step.sx70‘]Sonar[/simple_tooltip] chrome/plastic & black leather/vinyl ground glass yes first auto focus consumer camera; can’t use lens accessories; auto focus has manual override

SX-70 (rigid)

Few have tripod sockets; mostly point n shoot style.
Many of these have different names internationally, check the Land List
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[simple_tooltip content=’Focus on these point n shoot style cameras is mostly from 3 feet on.

Small apertures have little need for specific focusing.

Depth of field tricks can be achieved with the focusing models.’]Focus[/simple_tooltip]


[simple_tooltip content=’1000.sx70 ‘]OneStep[/simple_tooltip] viewfinder stylish and simple; usually has a Polaroid rainbow band of color
[simple_tooltip content=’pronto.sx70‘]Pronto![/simple_tooltip] lens distance ring slightly better than OneStep in being able to focus correctly
[simple_tooltip content=’prontorf.sx70‘]Pronto! RF[/simple_tooltip] split-image rangefinder only real focusing rigid body SX70; pretty rare
[simple_tooltip content=’3500.sx70‘]Pronto! Sonar[/simple_tooltip] autofocus adds AF Sonar; AF is transparent, you won’t notice it


Special markets and international models abound, check the Land List
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[simple_tooltip content=’onestep600.600‘]Folding[/simple_tooltip] uses flash bars like the SX70 cameras; remnants of the style change from the SX70 to 600 models; kinda ugly color schemes and designs
[simple_tooltip content=’640.600‘]Folding w/flash[/simple_tooltip] folds closed to “turn off” the camera and protect lens and flash; the most ubiquitous style out there; lots of variation from the angular 80s to the rounded 2000 models.

Some variations have a closeup lens for portraits built in.

[simple_tooltip content=’impulseqps.600‘]Impulse[/simple_tooltip] rigid body with popup flash as the “on switch”; special editions have autofocus and self timer; original models come in many different colors

[simple_tooltip content=’slr690.600‘]SLR680/690[/simple_tooltip]

600 film version of the folding SLR; built in electronic flash, autofocus with manual override; takes 600 film without mod; large but highly sought after


All of these cameras are essentially the same in terms of abilities.
Over the years major design changes make some look wildly different.
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[simple_tooltip content=’spectracontrolsSpectra cameras have some very nice features that allow you more control over your images.

Not all models have everything, but certainly have more control than any 600 film camera.

Sonar autofocus, infinity focus lock control, focus distance indicator in viewfinder, flash override, self-timer, remote control socket, multiple exposure controls.spectracontrols2‘]Controls[/simple_tooltip]



autofocus, focus lock, distance indicator, tripod, flash override, selftimer, remote control socket quite a few different models under different names


film counter goes up to 12 for never marketed 12 exposure film


adds closeup lens, no tripod completely new design

Spectra Pro
Minolta Instant Pro

adds manual focus, time exposure, multiple exposures, backlight compensation the best camera model in terms of abilities; you can do many different things with all the controls this gives you


selftimer and focus lock only different folding style