Example lensmount adapted board.

Swapping lenses just got easier.

Have you ever stared at your camera and just wanted it to be able to do more? Well finally your camera can!

Introducing a completely custom and professional way to swap lenses on your Polaroid conversion.

Every shutter is adapted to the system with a simple coupling which can be removed should you ever want to service the shutter or use it elsewhere. Line up the red dots, turn and it clicks to lock. Push the small tab and turn to remove. Simple as that.

The rangefinder is permanently coupled to the stock focal length of 127mm, so this upgrade is solely recommended for the 600SE or 4×5 systems which allow for ground glass focusing. However, any focal length chosen will have a distance scale added to the camera for focusing aid in addition to the 127mm distance scale built-in.

Please contact me to discuss adding this to your camera and the associated costs.

What you get

  • Example of shutter mount
    easily removed
  • Three example shutters
  • Custom locking mount lensboard
  • ONE 127mm shutter adapted for system
  • ONE body cap


Sometimes I have extra shutters and lenses available to choose from, however customers typically send their own lens and shutters for non-destructive adaptation to the lensmount system. Costs vary from $30-45 depending on the size; your original retaining rings help too!

Shutter sizes #0 and #1 are best. Large, heavy lenses like f2.8 and the like are not recommended at all.

Different focal lengths may be used with the cameras, each with different effects on your image.*

< 90mm not recommended
90-105mm wide angle view
114-135mm normal view
150mm portrait view
> 150mm strictly for creative works as it cant focus to infinity
*Depending on the camera, your angle of view may change sightly; chart is only for guidance.

Remember that you may always remove the infinity stop from the camera and push your lens further. This turns any lens into a macro closeup. The further away from infinity, the greater the magnification and the bokeh.