That little something extra.

All of the following things are subject to availability. I can always find what you need, but the costs may vary based on my inventory at the moment.

Pricing is mostly based on the item’s usefulness but more importantly its rareness. Some things don’t show up very often if at all, and some are just plain 100% unique all around.

Contact me for availability and pricing for anything shown here.

Hand Strap

Brand New! For 110A, 110B, 120 and others. Adjustable to your hand and grip. These are just a few examples. There are various other colors like red, white, pink, brown and tan available.

• Black leather strap and canvas pad; also available in brown, red, white, and tan.

strap1-1 strap1-2 strap1-3

• Black leather, buckle, red stitching and red velvet pad.

strap3-1 strap3-2

Lens Filter Adapter

For the shutters found on 110A, 110B, 120 and Copals.
Allows the use of any Series 6/7 drop-in type filter!
Polaroid only made an orange and yellow filter, which are rare enough.
Now you have access to unlimited possibilities.

filter2 filter

Polaroid Tripod Adapter #261

This is the only way to actually use the front tripod socket on the Land Cameras with the focus knob.
Now you can use the camera in portrait orientation without hanging off the side of your tripod.

tripod261 tripod2612

For 4×5 cameras, some tripod heads need more space underneath the camera. I also have spacers from Mamiya available for this purpose.

Polaroid Closeup Macro Kit #550 OR Polaroid Filter Shade Kit #551


With lens shade and orange filter.
Can be stacked with #550 closeup kit lenses.


With +1, +2 and +4 diopter lenses
Has built-in tape measure for accurate focus.
Stackable, including with the #551 lens shade