110A/B Packfilm Conversion: Parts & Labor


Because this project requires three cameras you most important thing is to find them. I used a 110A for the lens and shutter, a 900 for the single window finder, and a 160 for the body. When looking for a lens and shutter, first and foremost is the condition. Sluggish or sticky shutters, scratched or marked glass, haze and fungus are all problems that can happen to really old vintage lenses.

an ID camera with CB-103 back

an ID camera with CB-103 back

Besides the three cameras I’ll be hacking together, the second (or fourth) most important part to find is a film back.

Known as the CB-103, the typical Polaroid pack film back can be found on many scientific cameras, medium format cameras, or the typical online sources.

Always check that the rollers are clean and rust free. You’ll be hard pressed to find new rollers.

For tools, a set of small screwdrivers, needle nose pliers, hacksaw, double-sided tape, small files and a rotary tool (Dremel) with some cut-off wheels and grinding bits.

If you plan on also re-leathering the camera as I am, you will of course need some new leather and some contact cement.