How to: Polaroid 110A/B Hybrid Packfilm Conversion

After I completed the “Real Deal”, I really wanted to do it again. I highly recommend you give that project a quick read as it will make the following project easier to understand.

Some info & photos are copied directly from that project where it would be redundant.

I was reluctant to do another conversion because if I wanted to make another 110A to include a 900 finder, I would need access to a drill press and taps for enlargement of the mirror post, see here for what I mean. It would be easier to just convert the 110A and leave the dual window finder. But that’s not fun.

Model 160

Model 160

So I let this project languish while I searched for a simple solution to needing expensive and large tools. I found the answer in the Model 160, the Japanese version of the 150.

Oddly enough, the mirror post thread size is identical to that found on the 110B/900. However, the 160 has the same simplistic exposure controls as all the other roll-film cameras.

With this in mind, its only logical to think to use the 160 body, the 110A lens assembly, and a 900 finder to create a hybrid camera with little need for large tools and less room for error.

I have set up this guide with the steps taken from start to finish found at the right side of the page. I did not label them “step 1, 2, 3” because I don’t feel its necessary to do every one of these steps, or in some cases, in the order they are presented here.