250 Auto to Manual 127mm: Light Sealing

To close off the openings in the two halves, I figured why not use parts lying around.

The typical metal film pack leftovers made nice strips that I glued into place after fitting them after alot of trial and error.

A tight fit is a must.

side slit and bottom openings covered

side slit and bottom openings covered

JB Weld made a good permanent glue.

Give the pieces a slight outward bend to make a good tension seal when closed.

side flash socket opening; don't forget the small hole, red arrow</em

side flash socket opening; don’t forget the small hole, red arrow

Not pictured, but noted with red arrow, is a covering of the small hole in the back half.

paint the inside flat black

paint the inside flat black

You’ll notice that the back half is painted black on the inside.

Do the same to the other half, not only for symmetry no one will ever see, but to just make extra sure no reflections occur inside the board.

covering the top opening

covering the top opening

Once the two halves are closed and screwed back together, there is still the missing top label and something to cover those 4 little holes.

I took another piece of leather like what is on the front lensboard, and glued it into place.

6 - snipcable

Since the cable release wont even reach the shutter, just snip it off and tuck it under the edge.

The red #2 button will pop out.

Cut it off, repaint it and glue it back into place so you don’t have an ugly hole.