Automatic 104: Basics of Function

1 - front

The Model 104 was not a particularly spectacular pack film camera. It had a rigid finder that lacks split image focusing. The shutter has few exposure controls beyond the lighten/darken dial found on all pack film models. And no tripod socket!

While there are many pack film models, there are few differences when it comes to cleaning and modifying the batteries.

The ubiquitous nature of the 104, and many that share its finder and shutter, makes it an easy pick for a quick reconditioning and battery conversion. If you have a model with a rigid (non-folding) finder that also only has a film speed selector, then these pages will work just fine for you.

This model uses a single 3v battery. The originals are hard to find and expensive. They were also alkaline and will not last as long as an easily obtained and cheaper 3v photo lithium. If you find that your model also requires 3v batteries, then these pages will also work for you.

1 - coverclaspThe first thing to get the camera open is to open the front clamshell. And to work on the camera, simply remove it by the clasp found inside.

1 - openedanim

To extend the bellows, pull up on the arrow marked 1. If it doesn’t extend, pull it until it locks.

1 - takingpicture

red arrows: shutter cock; purple arrow: exposure control; green arrow: shutter release

This camera is rather simple in its exposure controls. Other than the color/bw switch on top, which selects 75 and 3000 ISO respectively, there is only the dial on the front of the lens. This gives you +/- 2 stops in exposure control.

Cock the shutter with the arm, red arrows, and press the shutter button, green arrow, to take a picture.

To focus with this model, you have to guess the distance and use the meter inside the finder.

It moves when you pull the 2 tabs on the bellow rails side to side.


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